The Frostbite desk is similar to the Marvin tables and can be made to custom fit any location. They can be used both at home as well as in the office. They are so sturdy you will never need to buy another desk again!

Our butcher block benches are at home in a porch, near the door, or even at the dining room table. They are robust enough to last for years but elegant enough to enjoy them immediately. They are a perfect match for a larger Marvin Table.

Frostbite furniture

Here is just a small sample of some of the products we've created.

Marvin tables are beautifully elegant for their simple straight forward design. Like my grandfather that they were named for, Marvin tables can fulfill a range of uses and are durable enough to last for many years. Tables are available in all sizes ranging from grand conference room tables to simple end tables for the family room.

Lois tables are a great solution for some difficult to furnish areas in your home. They are sized to fit behind a sofa or alongside a taller bed to give you a simple but perfect place to rest any item.

We build bathroom vanities to suit any need. From robust pine to elegant cedar to classic maple, we can design and build a piece to enhance any bathroom.

Our Laura stools are perfect stools for many uses. From helping little ones reach in the bathroom to giving grandma a boost reaching the top shelf, everybody will be able to use these little gems.

We can make storage cabinets and shelving custom built to meet almost any need or style. Whether you're looking for an elegant display shelf for your newest gallery display or a sturdy set of shelves to hold up to the cast iron pans at the cabin, we can design and build exactly what you're looking for.

While we also offer more traditional shelving, we like this heavy duty floating shelf and would like to see more of these out in the community. Contact us to order yours custom made to match your needs.